Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Knotty Dress

We went over to my display board this morning to get a photo of me with my knotty dress and my projects.

I was so flattered as many people stopped me to ask about my dress and asked to take pictures.  I think I must have had my picture taken at least 80 times today in this dress.


  1. WOW Amy! Congratulations!!!! Did you make the whole purse? Do you mind sharing what pattern it is? Your stuff is AMAZING!!! So glad someone from our group made it!!!! WOOHOOO

    1. I did make the whole purse, but there wasn't really a pattern for it. I cut two 10" x 12" panels and two 10" x 6" panels of white canvas. each of the knotted strips was about 15" x 2" sewn back to back then added a 15" x 1" strip in the center. After making strips, I tacked them to the bottom of each panel and made knots at different levels around the bag and tacked them at the top of the panels. After finishing each panel, I sewed them together and added a bottom 12" x 6". I made an exact replica of the canvas (without the strips) to make the inside. Placed it inside and folded over the top edge and stitched in place. I don't remember the measurements on the straps, but you will make those as desired and sew them in place on the inside of the bag. It was a huge project, but the final product was really cool.