Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Look Like Smurfette!

I worked on our Christmas cards in the camper today while I was "taking it easy".  This is just one step of the gorgeous card we will be sending out this year.  I always send 175 cards and I never seem to make it easy.  This year is no different.

My new Artisan Finalist friend Mindy made the most elegant snowflake card for the Artisan Finalist Swap.  I fell in love with it! You'll have to wait a few days to see the entire card when I post the cards I received in that swap.

The picture doesn't show it, but this subtle snowflake is so shimmery.
To make it, I mixed rubbing alcohol, Marina Mist reinker, and shimmer paint in one of our new spritzers (I could do 10-12 snowflakes with each mix - so I mixed it about 16-17 times).
Then I sprayed through the mask I created with snowflake die in the new Holiday Mini Catalog.  
And look what my hand looked like after spraying 175 of those beautiful snowflakes!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking It Easy - Doctor's Orders

I'm sorry I haven't posted the rest of the photos from Convention yet, but I'm taking it easy per doctor's orders.  My surgery last week went very well and I haven't had any pain. 

I am very tired!  I think that is a combination of jet lag (and too many late nights) from convention and the after effects of the surgery.  I'll be at the campgrounds this week (except Thursday for Club) taking it easy where we don't have stairs, laundry, etc.  I'll try to post some great photos when I come home on Thursday.

Thanks for your patience!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Shoebox Swap With My Roommates

Here I am at the home office with my roommates from Convention.  We had a wonderful week together!
You saw a picture of us working on our shoebox swap, but I'm sure you'd like to see the projects:

Denise's Telescoping Card

LJ's Embossed Flower Card
Jane's Marker To Stamp Card
Melanie's Embossed Butterfly Card
Cindy's Gift Card/Candy Bar Holder
My Bookmark Card

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Artisan Design Team Winners!!!

Now for the Artisan Design Team Winners!
Wendy Wixler

Sarah Sagert

Marisa Gunn

Jeanna Bohanon

Jane Lee

Heidi King

Heather Summers

Erica Cerwin

Cindy Beach

Amy Bollman

I will post a photo of all of the Artisan Finalists along with the cards swapped once I've gotten home and settled back into my routine.  This has been the most exciting Convention which has left me completely exhausted.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Last Dinner Together :(

Here is my group of fun roommates! We went to the Bay Leaf Bar & Grub again.  I enjoyed the chicken skewers so much last time, I had it again.

We ordered three different desserts to share - Waffles & Ice Cream, Fried Twinkie, and Nanner Puddin.  They were delicious!
While waiting for the elevator, Denise decided to look in the drawers of the little table across from the elevator.  She said we should put a card in the drawer and check it next year to see if it was still there.  I had one of my swaps left, so we put it in there.
Here is the bracelet I posted at the beginning of the trip.  I had given the girls each one with just a heart charm.  Each time we did something special together, I gave them another bead to add to the bracelet.  The one in the center will be left on top of each suitcase when I leave the room at 4:00am to catch my cab to the airport.  The girls were delighted each time I held out my hand with another bead for them.  It was a really cool gift.
I have to cut this post short because I have to get up at 3:00am for my 6:00 flight.  I will post more after I get home.

Artisan Design Team Finalists Projects

As I promised, I am posting the display boards of the Artisan Design Team Finalists.  Today I am posting the projects from those of us who were part of the top twenty, but not the top ten. 

Looking at these projects, it's hard to imagine how wonderful the projects of the top ten were.  The amount of talent in the group of finalists was incredible.  I will try to post the winners' projects tonight or tomorrow.

Tara Bourgoin

Sandie Conner

Mindy Bingamon

Mercedes Weber

Melissa Stout

Mary Haugen

Holly VanDyne

Connie Collins

Amy Rogers

Amy O'Neill