Monday, July 2, 2012

Convention Preparation

I'm sorry I'm not posting pictures of what I'm doing right now.  Because I'm one of the Artisan Finalists, I have to keep much of my prep for convention "top secret" until the 20th.  I did have a great day yesterday celebrating my friend Michelle's birthday with her and her family.

They came out to the campgrounds and we hung out by the pool for a couple of hours - I'm working on my Artisan Finalist Swap in the first picture.

After our fun at the pool, we enjoyed a game of miniature golf.  (please - no pregnancy rumors - because of the elastic in the bottom of my shirt, Zoe asked me to carry the candy from her grab bag)

I look forward to posting photos of me with "my Artisan board" in my new dress (I made a dress that mimics one of my Artisan entry items to wear on Awards Night) along with close-ups of all of the projects I sent in.

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