Saturday, August 4, 2012

Artisan Finalist Swaps

Here is a photo of the Artisan Finalists who were at our lunch/swap.  Not pictured are Tara Bourgoin (who wasn't able to attend Convention) and Marisa Gunn (who arrived right after the picture was taken).

So, I'm finally posting the photos of the cards I received in the Artisan Finalist Swap.  I just keep looking through these swaps and thinking I wish I stamped that well.  I can't wait to reproduce them with my customers.

I was simply amazed at the amount of talent in this group of stampers and honored to be counted as one of them!!!  I've indicated the Artisans present (and past if their swap or blog indicated they were an Artisan in the past). 

Heidi King - Artisan 2011 & 2012
Erica Cerwin - Artisan 2012
Amy Bollman - Artisan 2012
Mercedes Weber
Marisa Gunn - Artisan 2012
Amy Rogers
Jeanna Bohanon - Artisan 2012
Sandra Conner
Sarah  Sagert - Artisan 2010 & 2012
Melissa Stout
Mindy Bingamon
Mary Haugen
Jane Lee - Artisan 2012
Cindy Beach - Artisan 2012
Wendy Weixler - Artisan 2012
Connie Collins - Artisan 2011
Heather Summers - Artisan 2011 & 2012
Holly VanDyne
Amy O'Neill
Tara Bourgoin

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