Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Photos From Check-In Day

Here is a picture of me in the dress I made to wear tonight and the sun hat I made to go with it.

Here is one of my favorite swaps of the day (I have other swaps, but am too tired to take pictures because it is really late.) using a brand new set from the new catalog. We have some of the best sets in this new catalog!!!

At the Garden Party (Kick-Off Party) tonight, we were challenged to wear decorated sun hats to the party. I took a few pictures (but there were many more I should have taken - there are so many creative people here!!!).

I ate dinner twice tonight - once before the garden party and then again after - because I wanted to go out with the girls who hadn't eaten yet.

The first meal (my third of the day) was a "Plain Jane Potato - Lite Version" - can you believe this is the small version of their famous potato?

We went to dinner at Olive Garden after we finished at the Garden Party. I thought a nice frozen drink would be good. Don't worry - no booze.

I had planned on just eating a little salad, but the cheese ravioli looked so good I just had to order!

Well, I better get to bed. Convention officially starts tomorrow. Look for more information and photos when I get back to the hotel (if it's not too late).

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  1. Ohhhhh, the Plain Jane potato!!! Oh how I need one! Love the sun hat Amy! The UPS hat is cute too!