Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleaning My Stamp Studio

Disclaimer: My life is so busy that my stamp studio has been neglected for a few months. I don't mean that I haven't been using it, I just haven't been diligent about putting things away and cleaning up after myself. I had actually been moving piles to make a few inches of space to work on. I'm even too embarrassed to share before pictures!

Well, I couldn't live with it anymore! I've spent the last couple of weeks working on sorting piles, building shelves, and organizing. I've spent so much time cleaning that I haven't had a lot of time for creating. I still have sections of the room that I still have to work on, but I now have lots of workspace!

First, I built shelves (with my Dad's help) to double the storage space on top of my cabinets. I am very proud of how tidy these simple shelves make my room look.

The new clear mount stamps didn't fit in the CD storage units I have my old unmounted stamps stored in so I needed to find a good way to store them. These shelves should work great. There is room to expand to the top shelf (and move the photo boxes onto the top of the cabinet next to the shelf) as my collection expands.
Notice: I have labeled my stamp sets with star stickers - green means hostess set, gold means Sale-a-Bration, and blue means I got it FREE!!! There are some big benefits to being a demonstrator!!!

Here is where I now store my Big Shot and dies. Before the dies were stacked in a crate and I had to dig through them to find the die I needed.

I am stacking my new style punches on this shelf for now. When the new punch storage becomes available, I think I will buy those to organize them.

Here is my favorite result of the work I've been doing. I now have this amazing, clean work surface to design projects on.

And here is the space where I do my blogging, place my orders, and spend time looking online for great project ideas. The Stampin' Up! website is a great source for ideas!

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