Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Much Fun and Convention Hasn't Even Started Yet

We arrived safely and after a little discussion with the manager at Avis, were able to rent our car with my driver's license and Carolyn's credit card - I forgot mine on my desk at home. After checking in at the hotel (it's amazing - may post photos this evening), we went to Olive Garden for soup, salad, breadsticks, and the most amazing desert!!! Unfortunately, Sandy's flights didn't work out well and she didn't arrive until after 8:00.
Here is the cutest swap that Carolyn got on the airplane - the lady was assembling them on the plane - I just love the aluminum tape that she ran through the Big Shot with a texture plate.
My favorite picture of the day - Carolyn's strawberry shortcake at the coffee shop at Little America.

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  1. The two of you look great!!! I am sooooo jealous! I know you are having a ball together, especially since I'm not there snoring to keep you awake:) Keep the pictures coming.