Friday, August 7, 2009

First Day of Presentations

I've been taking photos of adorable swaps and wanted to post a couple for you to enjoy. This is the cutest idea. I think I will make some of these to put in the lodge at the campgrounds we stay at with my contact information. Maybe I could gain some traveling customers.
Here's another cute card that may were well with my campgrounds. Unfortunately, the talented lady who did this didn't have any left for me to bring home.
Here is a picture of me with the mascot from Build-a-Bear Workshop. At first I wasn't too excited about this partnership (I have an almost 21 year old son), but after seeing the presentation in general session yesterday I can't wait to order.
They demonstrated this adorable project on stage yesterday. It is a little decorated bag (they used canvas, but I'll use paper because of cost) with a ring of stamped images and a box of crayons. I thought this would be the best birthday gift for each of my students. I will stock up on crayons now while they are cheap. You can be sure I will stamp my business information on the back of the coloring image ring and the bottom of the bag so I may gain some new customers.
Now for the gratutitous food photo. We loved Jason's Deli so much that we went back. Sandy and I had the salad bar and this is what I came back with. It was absolutely delicious and I almost finished the whole thing with my french onion soup.
As promised - photos of our amazing room. This is the sitting area (the couch is a hide-a-bed so we each have our own bed).
Here is the sleeping area. There is also a kitchenette. It has been the best room!!!

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