Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun Road Trip

We hit the road in the morning yesterday for what we knew would be a LONG trip.  Amber started working on her swaps right away.

We decided to make it an "all-nighter" when we couldn't find a hotel in Wyoming and didn't want to stay in Nebraska.  Nebraska is a very long, very boring drive - it is all farm land and there aren't even billboards to break up the landscapes.  We did stop at a little bar that had just opened the night before and had the most incredible dinner.  I had a BBQ Chicken Chop Salad - WOW!!!  Then we hit the road again to finish the drive.

I had driven for almost 20 hours when I finally decided to give up and ask Amber to take over.  We saw a sign in Wyoming for the last rest stop for 43 miles so we pulled off at the exit.  We drove 12 miles without seeing any signs of life - no buildings, signs, etc. - it was sooooo creepy!  We turned around and raced back to I-80.  When we finally stopped again this morning, this is what the front of the car looked like - eew bugs!!!  We arrived in Salt Lake City about 8:30 (at a friend's hotel to sleep for a couple of hours until our hotel was ready to check in).  It was a long, but fun trip.  BTW - I did take the car to the carwash and scrub the bugs off.
Check back later for more on our great adventure!

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