Saturday, July 20, 2013

Convention - Day 2

Amber is having such a great time on this trip.  She really loves swapping!  Our talented roommate Sandy made us each a swapping apron with clear pockets that show the swaps. 

We rode the tracks (Amber's first time to take a trolley system ride) to Jason's Deli today for an early dinner.  I decided to take a lighter route this time - salad bar with a bowl of chicken pot pie soup - delicious!!!

It had been a very long day - general session, breakout sessions, swapping, standing in line, etc. and I couldn't stay upright any more.  Here I am relaxing on the floor outside of the main stage area before heading into the Awards Night activities. 

I have a few pictures on my phone of the excitement of Awards Night, but I have to figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer before I can post them.  I think I'll have to ask Amber - she is so good at technology (the young are so much better than the old with technology).

I hadn't done any swapping before today so I can finally start sharing my favorites with you tonight.

This cute outhouse was made using our milk carton die - absolutely adorable - it even had poop (chocolate covered raisins) inside.

This little boy birthday card is another great sample.  I love the color combination and the use of the Tape It set because it looks like tire tracks.

Here is a beautiful Christmas tag with mini brown bag pocket.  This is definitely one I will reproduce.

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