Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stampin' Up! to the Rescue

I’ve been so busy leading our School Improvement Team over the past few weeks that I didn’t really realize how quickly time was passing.  In fact, I realized just Saturday that Halloween is on Wednesday and I haven’t even picked out my costume, prepared my goodies for my students (or Trick-or-Treaters at home), or done any decorating (at home or at school).

When I left the house at 7:00 Saturday night to go shopping, I thought “No problem, I’ll just pick up a few things and I’ll be ready.”  I quickly found that all of the Halloween stuff was so picked over that I didn’t have much selection – no Halloween pencils, erasers, rings, etc. for goodie bags.  Well, in desperation, I picked up the last pack of candy corn printed cello bags, some water enhancing packets, miniature bottles of water, some mechanical pencils, and a couple of candy treats. 

Fortunately, I had thought ahead enough to order the Ghoulish Googlies Bundle with an extra designer kit from Stampin’ Up! to make the bag tags.  This kit comes with tags, googly eyes, twine to tie bags shut, glassine bags (but not enough for my class so I’ll save them for another project), and the most adorable monster stamp set ever!  I got up Sunday morning, stamped (and enhanced the images with some color and googly eyes) and quickly assembled enough goodie bags for each of my students (and the staff at school – their bags contain salted caramels).  What would I do without Stampin’ Up! and the amazing products we carry?

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