Monday, April 5, 2010

Sorry I've Been Away So Long

It has been a very, very busy at the Rogers' over the past few weeks. We've been doing some redecorating - enjoy the photos of my "new" kitchen below - I'll share photos of the "new" living room after we get the rest of the furniture and Decor Elements done.

The work has taken much longer than I planned with just working on it in the evenings and on weekends. But the carpet is being installed as I am writing this so we are in the home stretch.

We painted a dark shade of taupe (I love how it makes the appliances look so new and white) then added white porcelain knobs and drawer pulls.

Notice the Hostess Level 1 Decor Elements on my new canisters. I also bought all new dishes, glasses, and silverware - I just love how tidy this cupboard looks now!

I recovered the chairs with this adorable black and white polka-dot fabric - they were covered with green and white checkered fabric before. The same fabric as the old valances (notice the new black and white flourish design ones I made above).

Another Decor Element on the glass in a black frame above the stove. We also installed a new brighter light and got all new rugs, towels, and pot holders.

Even Lily's food and water dishes were replaced along with the green rug that used to sit under them. I made a quilted pad to go unter it with the cool black and white flourish trim around it.

I'm on spring break this week so I have a little extra time to make samples, work on upcoming events, and post to my blog and website. I'll try to post several times this week - I hope this will make up for the time I've been away working on the house.

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