Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family Photos 2012

We had my friend Michelle Evans (Photos by ME) come to my classroom yesterday and take family pictures for our Christmas card photo again this year.  The last few years, we've done outside locations and I wanted something more "studio style" this year.  After hanging the backdrop, we played around with some items from my classroom to get some really amazing photos.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites!!!

playing with fun props from my classroom
Aaron being silly

Most of the photos I'm sharing today are of Rich, Aaron, and me, but Aaron's girlfriend Shelby came with him and Michelle took many amazing shots of the whole group and just the two of them.  I will share them in the coming days.

all of us on our cell phones
Aaron wrapping us in Christmas lights
Rich and Aaron arm wrestling
making a heart with our hands
nice family shot
our names with Scrabble letters (thinking of using this one for the signature in our Christmas card)
another nice family shot
our last name

I asked Michelle to take enough photos for me to make a calendar, and she ended up giving me 65 proofs!!!  I will be able to make a calendar for us and a calendar for Shelby (Aaron's girlfriend) in My Digital Studio 2 using the amazing photos.

By the way, MDS2 will be on sale for half price starting tomorrow with our Online Extravaganza promotion.  More details coming soon!

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